About us

The company "StructurARCH Group", or SAG for short, is a multidisciplinary studio that deals with the design, planning, engineering, and consulting in the field: residential, business, sports and recreational, commercial, industrial, tourism - catering, engineering, as well as complex engineering facilities. The company SAG was founded in 2014 by Jovo Popović, Master of Technical Sciences, civil engineer, based in the City Quarter, Podgorica.

The company StructurARCH Group is licensed to prepare and revise technical documentation, as well as to perform expert supervision by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro. Our project team also has licenses for the preparation and revision of technical documentation, as well as performing professional supervision of complex engineering facilities issued by the Ministry of Economy of Montenegro. The Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs of Montenegro has licensed our team for the preparation and revision of project documentation, as well as performing expert supervision for state roads and bridges over 30m.

Our practice is based on an individual approach to each project, on the elaboration of every detail until the realization of the idea. We start each new project with the goal of fully understanding the client’s needs. We believe that design can motivate and inspire users and make an affirmative, lasting impact on the individual. Therefore, we listen, analyze, and then create and submit conceptual solutions and project documentation in the context of your personal preferences, the architectural identity of the space, and your budget. Our approach to design is focused and based on creativity, comprehensiveness, expertise, and in accordance with the most modern features of modern design and engineering achievements.

Projects and realizations created in the past period are based on the careful treatment of spatial and program circumstances and move within the framework of the values ​​of critical regionalism and contemporary architecture.

The company's success is evidenced by the Certificate of Excellence, issued by the international company Solvent Rating, of which we have been members of the golden team since 2016. In addition, we are the winners of the prestigious award of the 100 LARGEST COMPANIES IN MONTENEGRO.

In the coming period, we will continue to follow our principles and remain open to alternative, sometimes rather unconventional ideas. This latest approach allows our company to stay on top - in line with the best and most technologically advanced companies in our field.

In that spirit, we look forward to cooperating with you to work together to put your ideas into action.