*Green Dots* Apartment building

Podgorica, Montenegro

Year: 2021

Team: SAG project team

Surface area: cca 1 500 m2

Investitor: OKOV doo

Status: Major project

Category: Apartment building

Luxurious residential building "Green Dots" is located in the most luxurious residential settlement in Podgorica, in “Belgrade” street, under the hill “Gorica”.

The building has a ground floor + 3 floors. It is located in a quiet part of town and surrounded by dense forest. So that each apartment offers a magnificent view of the park - forest  “Gorica”. The building is designed so that on each floor there is a luxury three-bedroom apartment.

The building also contains an underground garage, with a sufficient number of parking spaces, for the needs of the building's residents.

Around the building is an intimate courtyard, with old tall evergreen trees.