Bjelila, Boka Bay, Montenegro

Year: 2021

Team: SAG project team

Surface area: cca 1 000 m2

Investitor: Private Investitor

Status: Concept design 

Category: Residential building 


The building contains the following spatial facilities:

- four parking spaces (in front of the main entrance to the building)

- garage with five parking spaces for cars, boats, scooters, as well as an elevator, stairs and several storage rooms

- three apartment-type bedrooms with separate bathrooms and wardrobes

- spa block with sauna, salt room, three warm benches, jacuzzi tub, gym, hot and cold showers, toilets and other facilities

- panoramic living room, kitchen and dining room

- three terraces with accompanying facilities for sitting, lying down and barbecue

- swimming pool

The building is designed as a panoramic villa, with strict care that all spatial facilities (bedrooms, spa block, living room with kitchen and dining area, as well as the surrounding terraces) are oriented towards the most attractive natural beauties from the surrounding area.

The facility is intended for people who love the peace and quiet of a small fishing village, but also for those who love an active, adventurous life at sea.

The immediate surroundings of the building are the old forest, the fishing bay and the fishing village, which together form an environmentally protected environment.

The plot offers a magnificent view of the Boka Bay and the island of Our Lady of Mercy and the Island of Flowers, as well as the maritime - tourist Center Porto Montenegro, in Tivat.