StructurARCH Group winner of the Solvent Rating gold certificate of Business Excellence.


StructurARCH Group _ SAG met the highest criteria of creditworthiness of excellence in 2016, 2017 and 2018, thus becoming the honorary winner of the gold certificate of business excellence, awarded by Solvent Rating.

By obtaining the prestigious certificate, the company StructurARCH Group _ SAG has entered the very top of creditworthy companies in Montenegro.

Certification of successful companies is a long-standing international practice, which enables certified companies a greater reputation and advantage in the selection, compared to other companies.

Holders of business excellence certificates are in the narrowest zone of 1.9% of companies in Montenegro.

The certificate of business excellence is calculated on the basis of 18 parameters of success and liquidity (financial report), solvency status of the company, account blockage and trial.

This recognition of excellence defines the long-term quality of business, which places its bearers at the very top of the domestic economy. The purpose of this prestigious certificate is to contribute to the recognition of the company as the most stable, most reliable and highly recommended partner, both in the domestic and foreign markets.

The GOLD certificate is an internationally recognized reference.